Busy Purpose-Driven women 
{Age 35 to 55}

Do you feel...?
  • Wiped out from the moment you wake up and foggy throughout the day
  • ​Irritable with your loved ones, worried that you’re missing out on important moments in life, and sad that these precious years are slipping away
  • Out of balance, and wishing you could get back to feeling desirable, connected and “at home” in your body again
  • ​Unfocused at work so it feels hard to make your impact and fulfill your career potential
  • ​A sense of hopelessness - like you’ll never see your way through the fog, and you worry that this is just the way it’s going to be from here on out

It does NOT have to be this way!

However… as a woman+ seeking balance both in your health and in your life, you face a multitude of stressors, challenges and roadblocks in today’s world… 
And the ripple effects on your body can be significant and can lead to adrenal dysfunction (aka “burnout”) as your body & mind try to keep up with it all. 

Left unchecked, poor adrenal health can result in further issues with your hormones, immune system, digestion, and blood sugar regulation.

And this can all greatly impact the transition through perimenopause and into menopause.


And you deserve to feel balanced, energized, and brimming with vitality at all ages and stages of your one precious life
— in your one precious body!

The Women's Vitality Center team of experts is here for you as you embark on your journey of renewed health & wellbeing.


An 8-week whole-body wellness program that --
Supports adrenal health,
Boosts resilience to stress, and
Builds the foundation for hormone balance.

(As in… see ya later adrenal fatigue fog!)

In this supported, self-study program, you will get:

🌻 Step-by-Step Guidance - As you move through the 4 main modules, you will have short content videos, detailed handouts, tracking sheets and journaling exercises to guide you (all very easy to access from a private membership site). 

→ The introductory "PREPARE" module will help you get ready so you can dive into the comprehensive DISCOVER, BOOST, RELEASE and THRIVE modules. 

🌻 Weekly Momentum Calls with Our Coaches - These group coaching calls will keep you connected with a community of amazing women, hold you accountable along your journey, and provide focus as you work through the content of each module.

🌻 "Q&A with the Doctor" Call - You'll get access directly to Dr. Amy Day and our team of NDs for "Q&A with the Doctor" group calls. This is for added support and to get your most concerning health questions answered. (Please note: no diagnosis or medical advice can be given on these calls.)

🌻 24/7 Access to Private Online Community – We're all in this together! Stay connected and motivated throughout the 8 weeks, get additional support from our team, share resources with other participants, ask questions and celebrate successes.

🌻 Optional Adrenal Saliva Test & Screening Blood Work – You will have the option to self-order an adrenal saliva test kit to collect at home and send to a lab. You may also self-order a panel of screening blood tests for thyroid, blood sugar and general health markers. Results go directly to you via an online portal.

🌻 Option to Add On Private 1:1 Support – You will have the opportunity to add on private coaching with one of our experts to discuss your case and learn more about how to move forward with your health.
(Note: This added coaching is for educational purposes only and is not for diagnosis or 
treatment of any health conditions. This does not denote a doctor-patient relationship.)
"I believe that the world will be a much better place when more women have the energy and health they need to make the difference they are here to make. 

Don’t just accept the symptoms you are dealing with right now, they are dragging you down and the world needs you to be at your very best!"

— Dr. Amy Day


Hi, I’m Dr. Amy Day, ND, a Women’s Health & Hormone Expert, and founder of The Women’s Vitality Center. 

I created the comprehensive 8-Week Replenish Program after helping thousands of busy women who, just like you, were dealing with a variety of health issues that were either caused or worsened by their chronic, unrelenting stress.

"Oh my gosh, I have adrenal fatigue!"

I remember one day back in 2012 when my brother and his family were in town and we decided to take our kids to the beach. (Was that really a decade ago?!) It was a bright sunny morning, and yet, as we walked from the parking lot out to the sand, I felt like my head was in a dense thick fog. 

Later, as we watched the kids playing in the waves, I felt like I was slogging through mud as I unpacked the picnic basket. I couldn’t really be present with my family or enjoy myself at all. 

I felt so ‘out of it’! 

As we were heading home, I was sitting in the backseat watching the streets of San Francisco go by in a blur and it dawned on me: “Oh my gosh! I have adrenal fatigue. If I don’t do something about this, it’s just going to get worse!”

There I was, a doctor specializing in women’s hormones, and I had fallen into the same trap that so many women do. I was pushing myself to raise my family, grow my practice and take great care of my patients, but ended up ignoring the (very loud) signs my body was giving me. 

I knew quite well that adrenal fatigue could be a slippery slope, and that if I didn’t handle it right away, other aspects of my health (and all of my other hormones!) would start to suffer.

Thankfully, as a Naturopathic Doctor, I had the tools and training to know how to get my energy back and restore my balance so I could get back to doing my work, being there for my family AND taking great care of myself too. (Hellooo “me time”!)

In the process of my own recovery, I was able to create the upward spiral that I needed to regain my health and energy. Along the way, I discovered the key steps that, after some careful refinements, would become the Replenish program.

Do you ever feel like your drive and ambition are making you sick (and tired) - like I did? 

I have learned from experience… that it doesn’t have to be that way! 
After helping so many women+ regain their vitality and energy naturally, I’m here to tell you that if you're feeling “stuck” in the fog of adrenal fatigue and you’ve just been "pushing through" the days... you absolutely CAN turn this around. 

If I can, YOU can.
As you go through the comprehensive 8-week whole body health rejuvenation program, Dr. Amy and The Women’s Vitality Center team of experts will guide you step-by-step through the FOUR MODULES:
Module 1: DISCOVER
Find the underlying causes of your fatigue
  • Get back in control by understanding what is going on in your body
  • Understand what is normal with aging, and what you do NOT have to just accept because you are “older”
  • ​​Learn how stress affects your body, even when your doctor says your tests are all normal
  • ​Optional access to salivary lab testing to measure the health of your adrenal stress system, as well as blood tests for your thyroid, blood sugar and other important health markers
This module will help you understand the amazing body you are living in and feel confident about taking your health into your own hands.
Module 2: BOOST
Increase your energy with ease
  • Learn energizing lifestyle habits that are highly effective and don’t take a lot of time
  • The Food Guide will help you to nourish your body for great steady energy all day without relying on caffeine and sugar
  • ​​Learn how and when to use specific supplements to provide the right support for YOUR body’s energy needs
  • ​Begin creating your Personal Energy Plan to pull it all together
This module will make it easy to start building an upward spiral so you can create momentum and continue taking the next steps on your journey to vitality.
Module 3: RELEASE
Let go of the energy drains in your life
  •  Learn how to avoid the top 7 mistakes that leave you feeling overwhelmed and weighed down
  • Stop putting everything else first so you can finally get the rest and rejuvenation that you need
  • ​Reduce your top stressors to calm your mind and clear your foggy brain so you can be at peak performance instead of just barely getting by
  • ​Optimize your digestion and detox function so you can literally "release" from your body
This module will support you in making space and reversing the patterns that have been getting in your way.
Module 4: THRIVE
Use your Personal Energy Plan to Live it Up!
  •  Identify and amplify the things in your life that give you energy and help you feel fulfilled
  • ​Become resilient to stress so you can avoid burnout and stay vital for the years and decades ahead
  • ​Create a life you love with sustainable self-care that you can put on auto-pilot
  • ​Learn our "12 Tips for Staying on Track" so you can have the dependable energy you need to make the important difference you are here to make
This module will ensure that the changes you are making will be sustainable over the long run so you can stay energized and vital throughout the challenges that life may throw your way. 


“Before beginning Replenish, I was having extreme fatigue throughout the day, difficulty sleeping at night, and a hard time waking up in the morning, plus I was in the midst of an autoimmune flare.

Over the course of the program, I felt my anxiety and stress levels decrease and it felt so good to recommit to my own health. I've appreciated the empowerment, accountability and community in the weekly calls with other women who are also trying to make and sustain healthy habits in their lives.

The program encouraged me to be more intentional, but included flexibility and allowed grace for imperfection. If you've been contemplating joining the program, I definitely recommend giving it a try. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would!” — Tera E., Dublin, CA
“I realized I was dependent on coffee and carbs to get me through the day, but was still tired, stressed, and generally feeling burned out, plus my belly weight was creeping up. Navigating daily life as a mom was frustrating since I didn’t have enough energy for family after putting in the necessities for my busy full time workload.

After the Replenish program, I have found a stronger & healthier lifestyle that feels really doable. I’m now sleeping more and have better energy, less anxiety, less cravings and more time with my family! I understand more about my body and my hormones, and have confidence in knowing how to help myself.

This is a terrific program to give you a boost and support you to have a fuller life with solid energy!” — Patricia T., Concord, CA


Regular Program Cost

The investment to replenish your adrenals and re-energize your body & mind right NOW is only…


One Time Payment

**This is a limited time offer**

*Monthly payment plans also available.

“Money well spent… life changing!”

“Going into this program, if I’m being honest, I was a bit nervous that I’d spent a lot of money only to find out all the things I already knew. 

But I’ve been so blown away by the Replenish team’s knowledge and all of the resources already. It has been well worth my time and definitely money well spent.

Thank you for opening my mind to so many new and simple little things, and changes that will be very helpful in my journey ahead. Life changing!” - Jessica M., Mill Valley, CA


How does it all work, exactly?
1. When you register, you’ll receive access to our members-only website where you will find all of the content for the program. 
2. Check out the welcome information there, and then you can get started with the introductory PREPARE module right away. You can then go step-by-step through the recordings and worksheets, guided by the prompts on the site.
3. You’ll also get access to our private online community, The Vitality Club, so you can stay connected and ask questions 24/7 if you want! 
4. We offer regular community calls on a variety of topics, and you can get support from the Women’s Vitality Coaching team, as well as other amazing women who are on this health journey with you.
5. We will also stay connected with updates and reminders (via email) — so make sure you’re getting our emails to your main inbox.
Can I get more individualized support if I need it?
YES definitely! If you need more personalized support through this program, we totally understand that and our amazing health and wellness coaches are available to help you. Dr. Amy has trained and works closely with our coaches so this is a great way to get comprehensive and customized care from our team. 

Feel free to send us a message so we can learn more about your needs and find the best way to help you Replenish!
I have medical needs, can I come in as a private patient for naturopathic medicine instead?
Our clinic is also open for new patients, but even if you do come in as a patient eventually, we HIGHLY recommend that you go through this Replenish program first. Here you will get even more education and support than we have time to include during our patient appointments.

In fact, many people find that they feel so much better after the Replenish program that they don’t even need to come in as a patient. 

And if you do come in for patient care afterwards, what we’ve seen is that you can address your health issues much faster and easier if you have this Replenish foundation in place first!
What if I don’t like working in a group?
If you’re not totally into the "group thing", that’s fine! All of the materials are available online and you can certainly Replenish on your own. However, this is a SUPPORTED self-guided program, so the 'support' is always there for you. Feel free to post to the group chat or hop on a call if a question comes up. 

You will need to be disciplined about going through each module and doing the exercises, but if you want to do this on your own this will still totally work for you!
What is the time commitment?
This program is designed to be effective in the least amount of time possible. In fact, many of our suggestions take no extra time at all, and will likely even save you time as you begin to shift how you do things!

For most women it will take about 30 – 60min per week, in addition to reading the content and watching the recordings. Your homework time is your chance to implement the strategies in your life through journaling exercises and a few action items that gradually build your energy over the course of the program. 

We’re excited for you to see how much more energy and focus you have to get things done!!
Do I need to live in California to participate?
Nope! This is open to everyone no matter where you live. The content is accessed online through a private membership website, and our community calls are all by video or phone.
Will you be able to order lab tests or write prescriptions for me?
You will have the option to self-order an adrenal saliva test kit from an online service as part of this program.  

You will also learn about other helpful screening blood tests to consider self-ordering or to ask your doctor about, but we cannot order your tests, treat your health conditions, or write your Rx if you are not a patient in our practice. 

Once you have results from your self-ordered labs, if you decide you’d like more 1:1 support just send a message so we can learn more about your needs and help you consider your options for next steps.
When can I start?
Right away! As soon as you register, you will get access to the members-only site and you can start with the introductory PREPARE module immediately.
Do you have a guarantee?
YES! We want you to get the best possible support for what you need most. 

Complete the assignments in the modules, follow our recommendations (to the best of your ability), and if you are not satisfied for any reason, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. 

We want you to succeed and get results in this program — and we’re very confident that you will, but you do have to show up for yourself! 

Refunds will not be given for non-participation so you do need to at least complete the first two modules to qualify for a refund.
“Before starting Replenish, I was dealing with a lot of stress, fatigue and other health issues that were starting to feel like a wake up call.

Now after taking this program, I’m less cranky, snapping less at my daughter, thinking clearer at work, sleeping better, and I have less hot flashes. It feels great to be a more patient and happier mom, wife, co-worker and friend.

This program was amazing and transformative, and you can tell that incredible thought was put into it. The only thing I want more of is a longer program.” — Adrienne, Berkeley, CA
“I was feeling so drained from my endometriosis, with the low energy and abdominal pain, that it was taking time away from parenting and nature time, and other things that I love. Replenish helped me to prioritize my self-care and now I have so much more energy!

My relationship with my son only gets better and he understands Mom needs time to take care, too. I’m so grateful for all of your support in getting my health back on track!” — Georgia S., Trinidad, CA
Replenish was mindfully designed to help you balance your hormones and give you real, sustainable energy and vitality — in the most efficient ways possible.

The proven methods we use in this program will save you in wasted time and money - not to mention the frustration- in dealing with all the consequences of being so chronically exhausted. 

Being a passionate, purpose-driven woman+ should never have to come at such a cost.

Are YOU ready to make the long-lasting changes that will allow you to step fully into your vitality - now and for the future?

The REPLENISH Guarantee
Complete the assignments in the modules, follow our recommendations (to the best of your ability), and if you are not satisfied for any reason, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

We want you to succeed and get results in this program — and we’re very confident that you will, but you do have to show up for yourself! Refunds will not be given for non-participation so you do need to at least complete the first two modules to qualify for a refund.

Medical Disclaimer: This program is for educational purposes only, so no medical advice will be given. Participating in the Replenish program does NOT create a doctor-patient relationship with any member of The Women’s Vitality Center team, and we will not be able to diagnose or treat any diseases. Participation in this program is at your own risk. We are here to help you get as informed as possible and support you in making the best decisions for your own health, but you should check in with your own personal doctor for all medical advice and before making any changes to your current treatments.
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