You've got so many important things you want to do!
But do you feel like frustrating hormonal issues, exhaustion and brain fog are getting in the way?


You are a Vital Woman… and that’s why I don’t want you to waste another 
minute struggling with burnout and perimenopausal hormone issues. 

You need to have your energy and focus in order to show up in the ways you want to… 
for your family, for your work, for your community, and for whatever is important to YOU!

I want you to go…

"From Fatigued to Fired Up!"

A free live, online 60-minute workshop where I'll be sharing...

The 3 surprising strategies that will naturally boost your energy
so you can do all the things you love without burning yourself out.

Professional women 35-55… 

  • Learn how to quickly restore balance to the top hormonal issue that could be at the core of your low energy, sleepless nights, crazy mood swings, stubborn weight gain and foggy brain
  • ​Take back control of your health and discover more natural approaches to feeling better than you have in years (even if your doctor says “everything looks normal”)
  • ​​Discover the #1 secret to taking better care of your one and only body — so you can do the work you love without giving up on the work-life balance you crave
  • ​Harness the power of your hormones to boost your confidence and gain that “unstoppable” state of being

In order for women like you to make a positive impact in the world, you need to have your energy, your health and your hormones supporting you. 

You are vital to the world around you, 
and you deserve to feel vital too!

When you’re finally able to experience what’s on the other side of brain fog and chronic exhaustion…
you’ll have the physical, mental & emotional energy to do all the amazing things you’re meant to do in this world!

Yes, I’m ready!

See you on the inside!

- Dr. Amy

P.S. if you know anyone who could benefit from this workshop feel free to pass along this webpage. 

P.P.S. Not sure you can attend that day? You’ll get the most out of this workshop if you attend LIVE, but register now and you’ll be sent the recording afterwards.

*We use an inclusive definition of “woman/women”. Anyone who identifies as a woman and/or is female-bodied (has female body parts or hormones) is welcome here!
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